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Google form to apply for interview as metioned in reverbnation message is not working please contact me,i really want to interest you for my music ,All the best,Marianne Vedder a.k.a Cozmicsoulfire ,Artist/Producer&Songwriter

With effortless songwriting and beautifully crafted songs, there’s no wonder Slombers Woke are gaining great notoriety on the Isle of Wight music scene and further afield. Their melodic, catchy anthems display faultless harmonisation with hints of great British songwriting.

Following their warm reception at the last two years IOW Festival, and the last three years V-Dub Island Festivals, they’ve shared their original songs and harmonies with a range of audiences at Festivals, libraries, burlesques, bars and bandstands.

This year sees Slombers Woke taking that wealth of experience into the studio to record their second EP, and bringing an enhanced band to forge acoustic loveliness on the anvil of unconventional venues.

Good afternoon!

I am emailing you today to find out more about how we could be chosen for an interview! Below I have attached our Bio along with other information about the group! We in Worhol to thank you for your time and consideration when reviewing our music and story!

1) Bio: Worhol was fully formed in 2012 when the lead singer Ashley Worhol and her father Larry Worhol decided they wanted to follow their dream together as a team. Both having degrees in music, they knew that they had the knowledge it would take in writing their style of music. Larry being the guitarist as well as the orchestral composer, fit in perfectly with Ashley’s trained vocals. The father daughter team started writing music close to ten years ago and knew they wanted to form a group and write original music and perform worldwide. With a classical background from both parties, Worhol’s music can be best described as symphonic and theatrical. Since Ashley and Larry are kin to Andy Warhol they decided to keep the band name in the family. Once Worhol was set they reached out and found the rest of the members of the band; Craig Malinowski, bassist; Marty Naul, drummer. Over the 2012 year, Worhol produced their first music video to “The Darkness” and started writing compositions for their first album. Worhol has participated in several music festivals as well as played in many named venues inside and outside of the Houston area. Several articles have been recently published both in the United States as well as in Europe. Houston Press announced in 2013 Worhol’s music video “The Darkness” to be ranked #3 out of the Houston area. Worhol has been fortunate enough to have worked on their album with people such as John LeCompt from Evanescence, Stephen Bogle from The Hunger, as well as Mark Andes from Heart. In 2014, Worhol really started to prove their name in the industry by opening up for Nationals Acts such as, Saving Abel, Puddle of Mudd, Surrender The Fall and Almost Kings as well as guest appearing on radio stations and being broadcasted live on Great Day Houston with a musical performance. Worhol will continue to branch outside of the United States, they have already toured the United Kingdom and have plans to tour other countries. Just recently, Worhol released their first album, “The Awakening”.
2) My Name: Ashley Worhol
Band Name: Worhol
3) Attached Photo Below
4) Links:
5) Cell: 281-777-4801
6) Attached Two Tracks Below
7) PK:
8) Location: Katy, TX

Looking forward to hearing back!
Ashley Worhol

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