Foo Fighters Making Music in New Ways

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Foo Fighters Making Music in New Ways

For many of those who missed it, the Foo Fighters were on 60 minutes and talked all about their new album “Sonic Highways.” The album is being made in an extraordinary way where the band travels to different cities, interviews musicians about their music and history, and then uses that inspiration to write their own songs.

“It’s unlike anything any rock band has ever attempted, and a reflection of everything Dave Grohl loves about making music.” Anderson Cooper says.

There’s also an HBO documentary that captured the process of this one-of-a-kind album being made. However, it isn’t just about being different or trying new ways to market an album. David Grohl says some pretty inspirational lines when it comes to the album.

“The reward of playing music should be playing music.” Grohl claims.

We certainly can’t argue with that. Grohl even goes on to attack American Idol saying, “I would never make it, ever, in a heartbeat. People need to appreciate their voice. I don’t want to sing like someone else. I want to sing like me.”

We agree with Grohl, but if you want to sing like a star, we can teach you how to sing with perfect pitch

The making of “Sonic Highways” takes the Foo Fighters all over America like New Orleans to learn about Jazz and Nashville to discover many country stars started singing in churches.

The HBO Documentary is currently airing, and the album “Sonic Highways” will be released November 10th.

Did you watch the 60 minutes feature? Tell us in the comments below. Do you want to be a drummer like Grohl? Better check out our 12 drumming tips.

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