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Win a Deering Rare Bird Alert Goodtime banjo kit.

This sweepstakes has ended and the winner has been selected. We will be notifying them shortly.


One lucky winner will receive the Deering Rare Bird Alert Goodtime banjo and Deering gig bag, plus a strap, electronic tuner, full set of picks, Steve Martin’s Rare Bird Alert CD, and a banjo tablature book.

Click the image to the left to enter!

This Deering banjo is easy to play with clarity of note separation and round full-bodied tone. Crafted out of eastern American maple, it is made in a natural color with a satin finish and has a fingerboard with hardwood bow tie inlays and a violin grade three-ply maple rim. The retail value of this American-made instrument and accessories is $699.

-After entering the contest check out our feature on Steve Martin: Bluegrass and Banjo.

-Need help getting started on playing the banjo? Click here
for instructional videos and resources.

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I really want learn banjo plus my favorite steve martin are awesome he play beautiful!!!!!

My Husband plays the banjo and has one he has had for 26 years I would love to win this for him. 

I would love to learn to play the banjo but have always wondered if I needed to be ambidextrous to be any good.

maybe it’s meant to be-they say my grandmother could play very well-Thanks for this drawing

How do you enter?
Think I’ve figured it..
If I have a chance in hell of winning this banjo..
It’s because I guess it’s lighter than the banjos I’ve been carrying around for 25 years that have worn my lower vertebrae and ultimately destroying my left hip….
If you don’t suffer for your art you probably absentmindedly forgot what you were doing!
What was I saying…?

Wow my son would LOVE this. He has a disability and has a hard time concentrating but this is the one thing he has voiced that he wants to learn. Awesome prize!

I saw this banjo at Grey Fox and knew I had to have it…unfortunately the raffle gods were not with me, so I would love to be entered into the contest

I love the Eddy Van Halen bnjo hanging on the wall behind him in the video. I would love to learn how to play the banjo also.

the banjo is 100% american sound and it sets the sound it makes sets the mood for some great knee slapping mucis. would love to win this so i can start to learn to play this great instrument

Yes! I have wanted to play banjo since I saw Harold and Maude as a kid. I have had a couple friends show me a little bit, but a girl needs her own banjo to learn properly!

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