Todd Hobin is a singer/songwriter, touring musician, and adjunct professor in the Music Department at Le Moyne College. He is a contributing writer for Making Music magazine and International Musician, and lectures on the music industry and the history of rock ‘n’ roll. His Todd Hobin Band has shared the stage with the greatest bands of their time from The Beach Boys and Kinks, to the Allman Brothers and Hall & Oates. Their double CD set, The Early Years is filled with Hobin classics, and their latest album, It’s Not Over, continues in the same tradition. Hobin has also released the Wellness Suite of new age music. His music scores can be heard in film, TV, and audio books, including King Kong, Shannon Hale’s Goose Girl and Fairest, a novel by Gail Carson Levine, which was nominated for an AUDIE Award. Hobin was the musical director and lead songwriter on the acclaimed, nationally syndicated children’s television series Pappyland. He has written and produced for clients as diverse as Coca Cola, Hershey Park, ABC Television, and Tri-Star Pictures. His latest film credits include, Impossible Choice and My Brother and Me. You can contact Todd Hobin at:

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I would like to get recomendation on what to purchase for the below guitars.

takamine GD93CE

Takamine EG340CE  (used)

Fender CD320ASCE

Fender CD-140SCE

I know are different price range, but overall want sound quality

Can someone recommend a good Acoustic single cut away Electic? I recently played several of Steve Fischer’s guitars and absolutely think they are one of the best but price was extremely high. Is there another maker with same type body reinforcement and similar sound at more reasonable price?

Taylor guitar is famous for its supremely playable acoustic necks , due to its innovative and virtually heel-less design, there’s better access to the upper frets with any regular full-body acoustic.
this guitar plays like a dream, and when you feel this at home with a guitar you can play anything in any style. Obviously this guitar is not going to sound like a standard Taylor dreadnought; and in fact it’s quite surprising to hear how unlike a dreadnought the Big Baby tone is.

Thank you for the the clear well-written article. Your recommendations supported with your personal experience was eye opening. Thanks so much

Elvis borrowed Scotty’s Gibson Super 400 for the 68 comeback special. I love that sound! I gig solo. Is there any guitar that can sound like It?

I’ve also just started out playing an acoustic guitar. A friend of mine recommended getting the Taylor GS Mini, and I would agree that it’s a great guitar for a beginner.
Thanks for your post
Cheers Tommy

dad gave me my fist Taylor guitar few years back and its one of my favorites guitars to play sound is just amazing so loud but so clean at the same time

Personally, I think that an acoustic guitar without an amplifier sounds much better. Especially if you’re a beginner guitarist. I’ve been playing acoustic guitar many years. Electroacoustics guitar is an excellent option for a professional musician. Electroacoustics differs from conventional acoustics only with a built-in pickup. There are 3 main forms of a guitar body: dreadnought (otherwise called western), jumbo and folk. Personally, I prefer Jumbo. Since guitars with such a casing have a more balanced sound, they usually have a louder sound. This guitar is perfect for mixed games (like reggae, jazz, and blues) and for performances on stage. It is worth paying attention to whether there are additional functions for electroacoustics, for example, a tuner (for tuning a guitar) and an equalizer. In order to understand which variety is right for you, you need to listen to the sound of an instrument. On the Internet on some sites, you can listen to the recordings and choose the most acceptable sound for you.

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