Traditional Irish Fiddle Festivals

Fiddling is most fun in the company of others. Though it’s actually a violin, the fiddle’s virtue, and what often differentiates fiddle playing from violin playing, is that it is usually played by ear. That means fiddlers can often pick up a tune and accompany other musicians. In Irish pubs and festivals across the US […]

Sculptures of Famous Musicians

Sculptor Alan LeQuire is well-known for his iconic Nashville sculptures, including Musica (above), a centerpiece of the city’s Music Row, and a full-scale recreation of Athena, which resides in Music City’s Parthenon. He is also a recreational musician. For the past 10 years, the artist has dedicated a part of his talents to a very […]

David Pogue

David Pogue Integrates His Hobby for Music Into His Career

While many people pursue music as a hobby outside of their working hours, David Pogue has found a way to integrate the two. His main musical endeavor is parodies á la Weird Al Yankovic, except that Pogue’s remakes all relate to computers and technology. For example, under his hand, “I Write the Songs” is transformed to “I Write the Code”

Robin Meade

CNN Newscaster Robin Meade Pursues Musical Singing Side

“I got a standing ovation, which is really rare at the Grand Ole Opry; I remember it like it was in slow motion,” she gushes. “I finished my song, and I saw some of the people in the front stand up, and then I saw it spread toward the back, like a ripple, until the whole room was on their feet. And my hand came up to cover my mouth, like, oh my gosh! I just couldn’t believe it.”