Ukuleles that Aren’t Ukuleles

With the ever increasing popularity of the ukulele as the “go to” instrument for many recreational musicians around the globe, it only stands to reason that instrument makers would want to capitalize on the public’s growing interest. So, outside of the immediate ukulele family a variety of offshoot instruments have cropped up thanks to innovative […]

Music Camps Coast to Coast: Combining Music & Nature

Every year thousands of musicians of all types, levels, and ages head to one of hundreds of music camps held nationwide, and in Canada. This spring Making Music uncovered what the experience is like for campers at Ashokan Fiddle & Dance Camp near Woodstock, New York, and California Coast Music Camp in Placer County, California.

Gruhn Guitars

Instrument collecting is tricky business. How is the novice to know if she is buying a real collector’s item or getting ripped off? Dealer George Gruhn of Gruhn Guitars in Nashville, Tennessee, is probably one of the most knowledgeable collectors in the US, if not the world. He got his start dealing in string instruments […]

Traditional Irish Fiddle Festivals

Fiddling is most fun in the company of others. Though it’s actually a violin, the fiddle’s virtue, and what often differentiates fiddle playing from violin playing, is that it is usually played by ear. That means fiddlers can often pick up a tune and accompany other musicians. In Irish pubs and festivals across the US […]

Sculptures of Famous Musicians

Sculptor Alan LeQuire is well-known for his iconic Nashville sculptures, including Musica (above), a centerpiece of the city’s Music Row, and a full-scale recreation of Athena, which resides in Music City’s Parthenon. He is also a recreational musician. For the past 10 years, the artist has dedicated a part of his talents to a very […]