Some Basic Articulation Markings

It’s not just the words you say that get a message across—it’s the way you say them. Similarly, in music there are many ways to “say” the same notes. Without following articulation markings, your playing could end up sounding like the equivalent of speaking in a monotone. Here’s an easy guide to help you become more “articulate” and bring more life into your playing by using accents, slurs, and staccatos.

Best Piano Websites

With so many free resources online, why would you ever pay for piano lessons? Easy. Because many of the online resources are garbage. A basic Google search for “online piano lessons” returns a splurge of shoddy websites that look like they were designed on a calculator, and YouTube videos by decent pianists who tragically know nothing about video production. Lucky for you, we’ve dug through the junk, and located some buried gems. Here are the best piano websites.

Accordion Chat with Nawal Motawi

“Although we couldn’t afford piano lessons when I was in grade school, my mother bought me a John Thompson beginning piano book so I could learn on my own,” says Nawal Motawi owner of Motawi Tileworks in Ann Arbor, Michigan, recalling her childhood. “My mother also showed me the fingerings, bit by bit, for interesting […]