Easy Rhythm Pattern For Accompanying Yourself (or Friend)

Do you long to accompany yourself on the piano but don’t know where to start? Well, here’s some great news. You don’t need to be able to read any music at all to do it! Really. You do need to understand how to play some basic chords. But once you know some major and minor chords, you can use this rhythm pattern with both hands to play lots of up- tempo songs.

Perfect Pitch

How to Train Your Ear for Perfect Pitch

This is probably why Autotune infuriates so many serious musicians: those variations in pitch aren’t mistakes in the performance; they are the performance. If you clean up those “errors” and quantize everything to the “correct” pitches, all you’re left with is dry, robotic music.

Hammond SK1 Keyboard

Hammond SK1: A Vintage Lover’s Dream Toy

The Hammond SK1 is a vintage lover’s dream machine. It’s a B3 first and foremost, but comes loaded with other built-in sounds, from Wurlitzer to Fender Rhodes and grand piano. You’ve got to hear this thing to believe it. Which is why we made this video! Video stars Todd Hobin; produced by Drew Roberts