Millennials and Gen Z'ers

Music Motivation Now: How to Get Millennials and Gen Z’ers on Board With Learning an Instrument

It’s not our imaginations; millennials are less patient than previous generations. Hyper-connectivity, super-fast internet, instant streaming – all of these have created a situation where, if they have to wait even 30 seconds for a response (from a website or a person on the other end of the phone), millennials will simply walk away. That’s […]

Deliberate Practice Is Like the Scientific Method for Music

Practice is incredibly important for success, but it’s not simply about how much time you practice, it’s about how you practice. After years of struggling with music, I started applying deliberate practice and other cognitive science learning approaches to French horn and became an international symphony pro after just two years of doing so. Before […]

Guitar Hand Exercises

Guitar Hand Exercises

In Todd Hobin’s latest instructional video, he teaches us some great guitar hand exercises by using the chromatic scale. This is teach you how to properly hold your guitar in the correct position while gaining strength in your fingers . This basic tutorial is great for any beginners who aren’t sure where to start with the guitar and having trouble with the basics. Anyone looking to strengthen their fingers and move them properly needs to watch this video. So what are you waiting for, grab your guitar, star the video, and start making music!