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That’s it??!!

What about the big one….quit messing around on your instrument when the leader or anyone else is trying to talk? For instance, trying to talk over the guitarist to talk to the pianist is so maddening. You’re not a 4th grader. You should be able to hold your guitar and not play it for 30 seconds! Or drum. Or bass. Or whatever. Just STOP.

Loved the information.
I’ve been playing semi-professionally for years and constantly run in to a few Issues.
Hired guns that want band member status but act like hired guns.
Band members share the load, literally, they help load in and out, go
To rehearsals, etc.
Hired guns show up for a rehearsal or 2 prior to a gig, drop their gear on stage the show up right before start time, throw their stuff in the car and leave at the end of the gig, leaving everybody else to rip down. Then they want to get paid the same as everyone else.
What’s your take on this kind of behavior.

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