64 Musical Studies for All Saxophones

64 Musical Studies for Saxophone, edited by Rami El-Farrah, is a compendium of Baroque, Classical, and Romantic-era masterpieces arranged for saxophone.

The works are written to serve as a student primer to the Ferling Studies or other similar studies. Each lyrical study has been crafted to create a balance of musicality and pedagogy that allows students to improve on all aspects of performance. Players are encouraged to choose works that align with their musical goals, not necessarily in the listed order.

Each piece is carefully formatted with style-appropriate dynamics, articulations, and tempos, all of which are carefully tailored to the saxophone. These musical studies give saxophonists the opportunity to experience compositions by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Ernesto Köhler, Carl Maria von Weber, and many more.

Level: 4


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