10 Reasons To Visit A Local Music Store

10 Reasons To Visit A Local Music Store


A nationwide Gallup poll in 2011 found that 85 percent of Americans who don’t currently play a musical instrument wish that they did. Additional studies have shown that playing a musical instrument positively impacts children’s cognitive skills, in addition to building confidence, self-discipline, and helping kids and teens connect socially with their peers. One’s life-long musical journey begins at home and is nurtured at the local music store.

10 reasons to visit a local music store

1. A music store is knowledgeable.  Whether you’ve been playing music for years or are a new player, your local music store has expert staff on hand to help and talk all things music.  From advising on how to choose your first instrument to finding any accessory you need to keep on playing, your local music store can provide valuable guidance and resources.

2. A music store is in your neighborhood.  Your local music store can get you on the path to playing music, and most are closer than you think. Check online to find the newest music retailer to you. You’ll be surprised to find that there might be more than one just around the corner!

3. A music store is a community center.  Not only are local music stores an inspiring space for aspiring music makers, they are also a good place to find out about local music events and concerts, performance opportunities and to talk to other people with musical interests like you.

4. A music store is reliable.   Local music stores want to make sure you are happy with your purchase and equipped in the best way possible to play the music you desire. That means they will help you select the best new or used instrument and accessories for your needs. When purchased at your local music store, any and all used instruments typically undergo a rigorous disinfecting process, so you can rest assured that your musical instrument is clean, safe, and will play as good as new.

5. A music store is resourceful.  Whether you’re looking for a reed for your clarinet or want to know the very best way to clean your instrument, your local music store can help. If they don’t carry the part, local music stores will order it for you to ensure you get exactly what you need. Additionally, music stores have knowledgeable staff members who know and use the most thorough techniques to clean and sanitize your instrument.

6. A music store gets your love of music.  Local music stores are born from an intense love for music—and they are in business to share it. The staff at your local music store usually comprises teachers or performers and are life-long students themselves— constantly expanding their musical horizons, and eager to share their passion and knowledge with customers.

7. A music store is personable.  Your local music store staff will take the time to get to know you and your musical needs to help keep you motivated as you reach your goal of becoming a musician.

8. A music store will understand.  Be it time or budget, the team at your local music store understands your daily constraints, fears, or worries about playing music, and can work with your schedule and resources, or help to address any of your concerns.

9. A music store is flexible.  Local music stores offer flexible financing, such as monthly payment plans and extended hours of operation for your convenience. Contact your local music store today to see what they can do for you!

10. A music store CARES.  Local music stores are eager to help anyone in the pursuit of becoming a music maker and improve countless lives through music. For example, staff members often give up their time to attend school board meetings and fight for your kids’ music education programs. Whether you are continuing or just beginning your musical journey, visit your local music store to experience the proven benefits of playing music!

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