Musicians Yoga

Why Musicians Need Yoga

According to certified Kripalu yoga instructor Mia Olson, author of Musician’s Yoga: A Guide to Practice, Performance, and Inspiration(Berklee Press, 2009), there are many ways that musicians can benefit from yoga. “I see yoga as developing awareness both mentally and physically,” she says. She points to improved focus, concentration, and awareness of your surroundings. “That helps […]

Drumming Up Nursing Homes

Wahl met a woman in a nursing home. She had been found living on the street and didn’t even know her own name. The patient was anti-social and hostile toward everyone around her. She never participated in any activities at the facility. In her usual custom, Judi Wahl, Chris’s wife, placed a hand-painted drum attached to a walker in front of the woman and reassured her that she did not have to play if she didn’t want to. Weeks later, the woman finally picked up a drumstick and joined the drum circle.

Musician Dystonia

Focal dystonia is a neurological movement disorder affecting 1% to 2% of musicians, where involuntary muscle movements occur in various parts of the body. It is typically focal, affecting one body area, and task-specific, occuring during the performance of a specific task, for example, playing a musical instrument. Symptoms The first signs of dystonia are […]

Is Music Universal?

When people listen to music from other cultures, they often find it uncomfortable or less pleasant, or they may not “get it.” Most modern musicologists would say that this is because the way we make music and respond to it is learned, and therefore specific to our culture. Yet, many people, including noted composers, claim […]